Progress in the attic

Pottering is a favourite word of mine and alongside Vanja one of our most common pastimes. But we prefer it when engaged in “productive pottering” after which you can see some concrete results! There are so many things that need unpacking, fixing, installing, organising, putting away, cleaning in my attic room that it is quite possible for me to potter from one to the other without seemingly to ever make much of an impression. This past week however has seen some definitive progress with the installation of Hifi, CD and vinyl shelves, coat and jacket hangers, lighting and the emptying of many cardboard boxes.

My room at night wth just the hifi and toilet areas lit.

Today I am rationalising the stacks of “yet to be tackled” boxes in to a new space in anticipation of the arrival next weekend of a new sofa that some friends have offered me as they are upgrading! Yeah I know where I am on the IKEA scale of wealth, I’m in the “pass me downs” category.! Mind you yesterday we got quite excited about popping in to IKEA to buy some of those round paper lampshades when I discovered they are only 9.90kn (£1.20) each.

So here are some images from my room of the lastest developments.

Jackets and coats sorted.
I bulit these 7 inch shelves over a week ago but I know there are more singles somewhere so haven’t organised these as yet.
For the first time in 40 years I have Lp shelf space spare. I’ve already spent about a fiver at Hrelic flea market on three LP’s. The Stranglers’ Black and White, Tom Robinson’s Hope and Glor and Lene Lovic’s, Stateless. A slippery slope…..
I was quite pleased with these CD shelves then I found another box of about 80 odd discs…..
My water heater above my back door that the plumbers fucked up installing and Marko and I had to finish off, now working, the joy of warm water so easily taken for granted.

Toodles as James would say.