Walking the cat.

Today we did the super traditional thing of going for a New years day walk. Seeing as we have a visitor staying it was natural that we should visit our best local landmark Petrova Gora. What distinguished todays little jaunt was the four legged company we had with us. Matchka quite willingly came with us! She has been accompanying Sunni on her walks around our woodland and so we thought well lets see how she deals with going out for a proper excursion.

Matchka prefers the steps to the ramp going up to the monument. Ena is out in front.
Does this cat think she’s a dog? Is she just super adventurous? Or so imprinted on Sunni that she can’t bear to be left behind? Whatever the truth she is an impressive little beast!

She trotted along almost as close to us as Ena the dog does, she came inside the abandoned monument climbed the stairs to the roof and back out again. She didn’t like the metal staircase, but I guess it was a bit noisey. I gotta confess that little kitten did impress!

Not exactly a hot tin roof but a beautiful sunny day for a cat to have a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding forest.
We were warned by some fellow visitors that there were police circling below and so it wwas best not to go out on the roof, but Matchka took no notice and we followed her out on top.


On the way down yet another set of steps our daring little cat ventured.
Been there, done it! The towereing monument to antifascism conquered by Matchka!
Heading back down the walkway to the car.
Matchka passes by the anti fascist grafitti and the unexplained Burning Tito artwork.

Where next Matchka?