A few photos.

Many years ago Larva lamps were hip and trendy. They were also expensive if you bought the ones in the shops. Back then there was the Hackney Wick flea market option for many things at much cheaper prices and there I bought a couple of these wonderous works of warm wax art. They have been dormant for a long time and I didn’t really have space to display them in my London flat but here now…….

You wouldn’t believe how happy it made me to get these going again!

I have almost cleared out our future print workshop of all my boxes of stuff, and one of the last things I brought in to my room today was a battered suitcase that I will be using soon. I started to give it a clean and out popped a rather groggy moth…..

A moth that fell out of an suitcase!
This thin fragile little creature is obviously nearing the end of its life.
A little bug casts a big shadow!

The snow has been coming down very lightly over the last few days and todays burst of morning sunlight almost obliterated the last signs of it. Sunni blagged some straw from Stonky and spent an hour or two doing the first “gardening” of the year……

Sunni was out in the veg patch today spreading straw over the areas we don’t want the weeds to overgrow!