Rug cleaning in the bright sun

Over my last few  visits to the flea market in Zagreb I’ve been picking up random rugs and carpets that caught my eye. I was bit unsure about what price to pay for a rug but when the stall holder for the first rug I bought started the negotiation at 50kuna (about 6 quid) I knew I was on to a bargain. Further purchases have cost the same or less so I now have the beginnings of a small collection of rugs to cover my shiny, cold and rather unwelcoming laminate flooring.

A clear sunny day gave me an opportunity to clean my new carpet acquisitions

Anyway my rugs have come from ‘who knows where’ so I decided to give them a good scrub before introducing them to my home. A bright sunny day, washing up liquid in a bowl of warm water, on my knees with my right hand in a rubber glove, my rugs proved thankfully to be relatively clean. The rugs stayed out for the remains of the day and were dry enough to bring inside by sundown. I’ll give them a thorough going over with the vacumn cleaner and then cover up some of my new laminate floor. I think I’ll keep an eye out for more rugs and rotate them around occasionally.

The rug rat cleaning with marigold glove and brush in hand.