Hard at work again!

or should that be flawed?

My room is approx 14 x 5 m in size.

The laminate is all down, tomorrow once we have returned from the Zagreb flea market – that is the source of much of our wealth! – we will install the stove and then I will begin to fill this virgin space with my stuff!

I’m seriously thinking of getting a set of plastic skittles.

Both Marko and I are still suffering from the hours spent on ours knees laying this stuff out. Well that and getting old.

The last but one line of laminate.

Today I did the plumbing supply shops with the son of Mr Voda Karlovac’s premier plumbers. It was like visiting sweet shops with the son of Mr Cadbury! We ended up at a store calle Frack which although unfortunately named is very friendly and “good quality” according  “son of Voda” . After choosing my sink, pipes and shower base,  I asked if I should leave a cash deposit (the shops computers were out of action due to a stock check) and was told that “Mr Voda was my deposit”, Mr Voda beamed.

This raised area is destined to be my computer space.
This bit will be my sleeping area.

Anyway here is my room all floored and vacuumed and ready to be filled with my stuff. There is gonna be a lot of shelf building in the next month!

A self portrait by the photographer inspired by Killroy.