Laminate lay down.

The last two days have been “flooring” days. We checked out the options and prices at the local wood supply places and ended up choosing to get a laminate that looks pretty similar to the wood on my ceiling.  We calculated that we’d need about 92 square meters to do the whole room with a bit left over for mistakes.  That was 43 packs which at 15kg each proved to be too much for our little van to manage and so we left half behind and slowly drove home, very slowly in a struggling first gear on the final hill!

After much “umming and ahhing” Idecided on this stuff, quality 32 8mm thick not the cheapest but a lot cheaper than some of the stuff available.

It cost me about 5000 Croatian Kuna for the laminate and the green underlay, that’s about 600 quid in “real” money which besides the plumbing bill I hope is the last of the large financial outlays I have to make for the foreseeable future!

My floor is gonna be for walking on and partly covering with rugs, is that living?
At 15kg a pack we decided to split the load into two trips rather than risk the van’s suspension.

The laminate is pretty easy to lay once you get the hang of it as long as there aren’t any pesky beams in the way or awkward un-straight raised platforms. Yeah we have a few of those, so the jigsaw got a lot of use. Today we picked up the second half which is now acclimatising to its new residence and tomorrow we will click it in to place where according to the 25 year guarantee (if used in a residential space) it will probably out last yours truly. There’s a happy thought!

You need hands to lay your laminate down.
Old wooden beams surrounded by new fake wood laminate.
Ready steady and Action, go Jigsaw man go!

The green stuff in between the chipboard and the laminate is for sound proofing. But never fear I’ll be able to make the ground floor chandeliers shiver  and swing once I get my HiFi system set up. Then I’ll finally feel like I’ve moved in properly.