White out

The winter view from the plum tree orchard.
The picturesque snow scene of the gazebo.
The wooden house under attack from the elements.

The weather forecast said it would snow last night and they were right.

The view from my stairs of the pear tree.
The view of the barn and garage from my steps.

Sunni and I dug out the snow shovels and cleared some paths.

Sunni in serious snow clearing action!
The snowy white balance is rather out of balance.

Ena loves to run around in the snow and bury her snout into it in search of something live to kill.

Ena loves the snow and goes out searching it for “game”.
Ena the black dog in white.

Access to my room is by two outdoor steps both of which needed clearing of snow. Untill I get my ‘bathroom’ plumbed that means a rather tricky trip down snowy stairs at night to reach the toilet ( or I just pee out of a window!).

Clearing my wooden steps

As I said before it’s pretty but cold stuff and my poor feet had had enough of being outside. Now I’m staying inside, keeping the stove lit and putting draft excluders on my door frames!

A combination of silly slippers and a good fire in the stoe and my tootsies begin to thaw out.