Winter wonders at last

There was a few days with enough snow for  good snowball fight but sadly no one to through them at! Clearing paths through the snow was enough however to do my back in.

The big apple tree looks truly majestic , doesn’t it?
Moving some boxes around with the snowbarrow!
This is the view from the wooden steps to my room looking west over the tops of my little trees and down the valley.
The washing line is out of action.
What a goof! But hey it’s not often your washing line is 10cm thick!
These dangly yellow seeds are one of the few bits of colour out in the garde at the moment.
The woods have gone grey!
I was told to wait til January to prune the kiwi vine, so here it is in all its winter glory.
Here are the fearsome felines lined up on my legs, close to the stove, as I plough through Rankin.