A day in town

Today required some bureaucratic b.s. to be done so I knew I had to go into town and decided to make it worthwhile. Paperwork done I walked across Karlovac to the Nikola Tesla Experience Centre and paid my 8e to have a mosey around this brand new museum.

The Nik Tesla Experience sounds like a Hawkwind offshoot band but is in fact situated on one of the road heading out of Karlovac towards Barabrith, It’s one the newest ‘things to do’ in Karlovac thanks to EU funding and it’s pretty swanky with all mod museum cons.
Inside the Tesla experience you can give yourself a minor electric shock courtesy of a giant Tesla figure’s finger! The museum is very much based on short films about bits of his life, focusing unsurprisingly quite a bit on his Karlovac days as a student. But truth be told the Tesla experience is nicely done and well worth a visit even at 8e for adults.
You can tell this is not in a UK town because no-one has tried to roll Nikola’s balls away as yet. I like these ” the EU paid for this” signs dotted all over Croatia reminds me of why I jumped from the sinking UK ship and if anything can keep the nationalists at bay over here it might be pure self interest.
The Nicolai Tesla car park opposite his “experience” was funded by the EU and has some pretty fancy Tesla inspired installations in it !

Tesla done I wandered back into town in the bright warming sunlight. What happened to winter? On the way into the old town I passed this staute and decided to check it out properly.

I was kind of hopinng this statue was another antifa spomenik from the Tito days. This would explain the lack of a plaque or information board but it turns out to be a local painter from the early 1800’s who commited suicide by jumping in the river Korana. His paintings are ok, loads are a boring catholic pieces but you can see for yourself at

 the Galerija Vijekoslav Karas in Karlovac.

Since a couple of my summer guests went to Bistro Špajza  I’ve been meaning to check it out and today seemed a perfect day to do so. I was not disappointed, chiefly because I wasn’t expecting much but to be fair the burger and chips did the trick fine. The staff spoke ok English and said that they could make up other vegan options if asked. Ooops I’m slipping into my Happy Cow reviewer mode…..

This was described on the meniu as a soya sandwich with salad and fries! But the folk at Bistro Špajza seem to know what vegan means becuase they took the cheese out of the burger! Vegan cheese not yet may have not quite reached Karlovac conciousness – or should that be conscience – as yet! Still for a hungry bugger like me this lot went down a treat.

Then back to the car and a bit of shopping, our locals Lidl’s are still without the vegan cheese or mayo they used to do and half the things advertised online as part of Veganuary appear not to have made it to Karlovac, oh well. At least the tofu is on offer again!