Surprise Bikers

There is a protocol for booking and staying here at Barabrith which seems to be falling apart. Our last two groups of guests gave me 5 hours and 30mins warning by phone respectively before turning up at our gate! They were Germans too! What happened to that stereotype I wonder? Anyway yesterday Adrian and Leo turned up on huge beasts of bikes with more layers wrapped around them than I could ever countenance wearing in this weather no matter how safe it made me feel! But hey they are the ones on the motorbikes I am just a pedal pusher.

To my delight they were keen to play pool – my favourite kind of vegans- and they had drones with them and were willing to take some aerial pictures of Barabrith. Then to cap it all Adrian ends the day by posting a lovely review on Happy Cow of this place!

The funny thing is that my dear Sanja has started her midlife crisis with that familiar craving to own a big motorbike and talks of little else nowadays. So when two bikers turned up out of the blue and I got to discover lots of interesting biker info she was incandescent! Ho Ho!

A grated smoked tofu and mushroom with lots of garlic oil pizza. Just look at those wonderful colours! Tasted pretty good too!
Bikes the like of which Barabrith has not seen before!
Whilst in the process of setting up the pool table last night Sid decided to squeeze into the back of the darkest black cupboard where the pool balls are kept and hide!
A drone up close when not flying is not so intimidating!
A drone flying almost silently above you that suddenly drops to within a few metres of you and hovver at eye level, staring you in the face on the otherhand is quite scary!
The biker boys in realxed mode playing with considerably smaller and more agile toys, their drones (yes the each have one, they are brothers sharing such toys was never an option!)
This is the image I’ve been hoping for, for so long! A detailed aerial view of Barabrith. I’m super chuffed to have this and a few others courtesy of the biker boys and their drones. Now I can turn this into an annotated map showing what is planted where in my nascent arboretum.
Nancy cautiously – it being Nancy more like nervously – checks out the motorbikes wondering no doubt if she can can lie comfortably on them!
If you are wondering why on earth that bike is in the middle of the lawn apparently headin straight at me well its because bikes that size with so much luggage on them do not have small turning circles, unless of course you execute an on the spot 180degree wheel spin but I asked the bikers boys to kindly not do that and they acquiesced good naturedly!
Today after the bikers had left Barabrith returned to a sun drenched stupor and Sid said it all by just collapsing in the shade and waiting for it to cool down.

Much thanx to Adrain and Leo, they do Instagram (boo!) and YouTube (yeah!) which can be found here.  Adrian is also a Happy Cow reviewer! (Super yeah!)

After complaining about the heat we had a surprise storm this evening. It was super quick, super hard and caused Sid to scream at me to let him in insuch a pitch I have never heard from a cat before. There was some ferocious thunder and close lightning which caused my upstairs electric circuits to trip! Then 10 mins later it was all over! Pity I didn’t record that screech from Sid!