A few photos from the last week of Novemeber 2021

Well ok I’m not sure if next week with just two days in it or this week with five days included within counts as the last week of the month or indeed if I should ignore the Monday to Sunday mode and think in terms of the last 7 days!?!?!

Whatever….. here we go…

Jack is back! the first frost of the year – or perhaps the first that I was up early enough to notice, came this week. My stove now burns all day long and late in to the night.
This was probably the first day of the year that my solar panels were actually saving me money, thanx to the incompetence of the local E.B! See my nice new and very tall electricity pole and the equally new white meter box at its base. Now when the sun shines my panels are suplying electricity drectly to my houses rather than straight to the power compnay, any excess is sent to them, not exactly blue sky thinking and it took them almost three years to sort out! Still better late than never I guess.
As previously mentioned this was my second week of liquid food, and here is one days breakfast. Spot the super cool glass from Mexico made from an old bottle with Zapata etched on to the side, a highly treasured memento of mine.
Most of the hardy apples left on a few trees are shrivelled up or eaten out by wasps, hornets or similar but this champion rosy cheeked fella still shows off his smooth bright red skin against the blue winter sky. Good on ya Mr Apple.
(Have I been alone here too long?)
These are a couple of the last chillis disguised as tomatos that I grew unknowingly now they are rather chilly too!
I wonder if the Indian Banana tree, centre stage, will survive the Croatian winter? Having carefully watered it all through the summer and kept it shaded from the suns rays I do hope so.
Thanx to Jen my mate in Scotland for finding these in her local charity shops and sending them over VERY much appreciated. I especially like the large size print versions all the better for reading in to the wee small hours with.

and so I am finally back on solids and enjoying every chew, chomp and bite with a relish that always takes me back to that first time I ended an elimination diet of 7 weeks of nought but  Elemental E01 as food. Bit like banging your head against a wall repeatedly then feeling euphoric when you stop!

Anyway, now I am spending most of my lesiure time in Edinburgh with the grumpy DI Rebus as good company and the rest of the time wishing I could get get back there! I should ease off the reading pace, spread out the joy, but that’s like telling a kid with an ice cream on a hot day to take it slowly.