A box of Goodies arrives

One of my new trees has just three leaves left as autumn closes and winter begins.

Thanx once more to the muppets who voted leave I had to pay £40 extra tax to release my box of essential supplies from the clutches of the Croatian tax man. Still this box contains supplies of Essential Foods yeast extract which are indeed essential to my breakfast time happiness. There weren’t as many pots as I had hoped for and I think I may try to source Vitamar (same thing different brand) from Germany in future it my work out cheaper.

A nicely wrapped box of goodies arrives at last… thanx James for forwarding services.
Long longed for my Black Sails complete DVD box set arrives. (Again how old am I?) A great swashbuckling series, seriously looking forward to watching this again in the company of my Belgrade pirate sorry I mean punk!

Wrapped carefully within the box were also a load of CD’s I’ve been buying now an dthen over the last few months off ebay. The kind of thing I’d take  a punt on from the charity shops for 50p but now I’m buying them from folk who do just that and then put them up on ebay for 99p and see what happens! Sometimes I get a result and an ACDC digi pack is mine for a quid! The guy I get things from regularly saves them up till I have 2kg worth of discs and then sends them to James for eventual onwards bulk shipping to me. This is the only way to keep the costs low enough to justify ‘a punt’ on such stuff as Deep Purple!! Am I getting old?

Cheap CDs courtesy of ebay, should keep my ears busy for some time to come. I wonder how many will be played once and never again? Guess I could always return them to the ebay platform!

This week has seen another sucess..

Only a week or so later than promised which is vast improvement on their usual promises the HEP Elektra guys turned and connected my new pole to the mains! But then said some othe rguys would come next week to do the final connection of the solar system and the new cabling. To my surpirse they showed up, unannounced a week later. I only found out because the cut my power supply and I went to see if the neighbours had the same problem and then discovered workers in my ‘yard’. When they left my solar panels were generating 320kw of power dispite it being a grey cloudy day! Hooray!

and less positively….

My Crohns disease has reared it ugly head giving me mouth ulcers amongst other unmentionables so I’m on a licquid diet for a bit, nice colours though eh?

After failing to conduct more than three English tutorials today I went for a walk to chek out the “pool”. Sadly it would seem that there is just too much water movement deep under the top soil for the dam to work. Maybe during next years dry season I can excavate and add something impermeable.

Does this qualify as a pool or just a puddle?

Walking back up the hill I did a bit of scything and noticed..

It is strangely gratifying to know that the local creatures of the night regularly use my pathways leaving a much thinner path in the middle of them like this.
and sometimes they just make their own paths!

Then I chopped and stacked some more wood, the end is finaly in sight for the wood pile!

I know it doesn,t look like it but this damn pile of wood is getting smaller, honest. Most of it is now stacked and drying in the wood shed. Should be ready for next winter!

Then the sun set.

The sunset tonight was pretty dramatic for a few moments, I missed the best of it cncentrating as I was on stacking the wood shed but this ain,t bad.
Sunset in the gazebo this evening.
Pretty much the last apple on the tree and low enough to get its photo taken!