The third week of April

Yeah couldn’t think of a clever title for this post. “Alone” was a possibility but it sounds too miserable and that I’m not. I am however now on my own here. M & S have moved out and Sanja’s 3 months EU entry allowance sadly ran out last weekend. It is a weird feeling being out here in the middle of nowhere with so much land to do stuff with, so many jobs to do and ideas to try out. It’s a great sense of freedom, but it’d be nice to have someone to play pool with! I now spend a couple of hours a day,  more at the weekend, teaching English conversation online. This I hope will keep me financially afloat until maybe one day the B&B can start up again.

This evenings view from the road outside looking through one of the trees that borders the upper field.
Yesterday was the first day of scything for me this year. Knowing I have set myself a considerable task – to control the grass and weeds with just the scythe – I decided to take it easy on day one. A back muscle I had forgotten about soon made itself known! Dont even think of asking which bit has been cut, ok?
If there is a prize for growing dandelions, I may be in with a chance of it.
However when there are so many, well.
Now you see them….
and now you dont!
After having to cycle 5km to collect my post from Krnjak last week because as the postman apologetically explained the little metal box on the gate was neither big enough nor waterproof, I decided it was time to make a new one. This is the first step in construction.
Built from left over bits of roofing wood, it begins to take shape (aka to look like a monstrosity!).
The finished post box – waterproof and spacious unlike the old one! – is up and running and the Postie said he liked it (yes he speaks a bit of English!)
The sun illuminates the missing bit of woodland from our estate and leaves the leaves looking vivid on an otherwise grey afernoon.
I decided to see what the concrete grass will look like with grass in it instead of weeds and stones. So a bt of cleaning and sowing grass seed in little squares later …….. now just gotta wait and see!
This evenings last bit of outdoor work was clearing the brambles from the outer side of the front fence.
Sanja  sitting on her bench by the brook last weekend.
Sanja has been banished back to Belgrade, not by me but by the evil forces of nation states, border controls and the like.. So here is the last picture we’ll see of her at Barabrith till July.     That stuff all around her with the cute looking blossom is the pain in the arse prickly bushes I’d be gladly rid of!




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  1. Nope didn’t notice anything other than the usual neighbours burning all their rubbish, plastic bottles ‘n all! 🙁
    I’m not gonna “open” till I’ve been thoroughly jabbed.
    The new Posta box is working a treat thanx!
    Hope your shop sales go mad so you can close up and come over on holiday here soon!

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