Today I rode the road in to Karlovac and back and went to a church in Tusilovic.

I went to see the guy in the office that helps people running tourist businesses in this area. He’s super helpful with all kinds of advice. I took the days mail to the main post office in Karlovac only to discover that the box to go to Ireland can’t be sent because they have a mail blockade on post from here. It makes no sense!  I had to bring the damn thing back! On the ride back I bumped into a snake, said hello to a stork and I investigated the ruined church in Tusilovic. For the photographers amongst you, yes these pictures are less sharp than usual as they were taken with one of my old Sony Erricson C510 pre-‘smart phone’ era mobile phones and not my Ipad that I normally use.

Storks are funny birds to look at and no more so than when they stand in their huge nests that are perched atop lamp posts and electricty posts. They are considered to be bringers of good luck although seeing as this is one of those ridiculous religious based manias that says we must breed breed breed I would say they are a sign of short sighted selfishness and foolishness! Whatever, that is why this telegraph pole has a special structure on the top to encorage storks to build their nests there. This stork refused to stand up and take a bow for my photo but if you look closely you can see his/her bright orange beak.
I almost cycled over this poor geezer. But seeing as s/he is an ex-snake that has ceased to be I guess it wouldn’t have mattered much. I’ve not seen a live snake here as long as this beauty which I guess is maybe a good thing for me but not the snakes!
Just to give you an idea of the size of this poor snake.
Given the messed up history of the Balkans and the area of Korun who knows what might have happened to this church and why but I quite like the result.
Not a bad spot for a picnic! Finding information about this church is difficult but “we” think it was destroyed in WWII, too bad.
A window that was. How the hell is that arch still supporting that weight? And how do aeroplanes fly?
There is no escape from the Jon selfie when you look at these blog posts!

The view from the road of the church ruins in Tusilovic. Just down the road from us!
I think thats more than enough pictures of a ruined church… no hold on, that doesn’t sound right! Well anyway this one has my beautiful Cannodale bike in it so I’ll slip this one in too!

4 Replies to “Today I rode the road in to Karlovac and back and went to a church in Tusilovic.”

  1. I keep checking for more blog.
    I’ve seen the peas! My first batch has flowers, I’m waiting.
    Rabbit is finding my lettuce, even now it is covered by a sack at night. So much mustard greens. But most other things are slow here.
    Went to see Doug in a very quiet Dundee on Friday. Almost nobody by the world famous V&A museum.
    Do you have any interested guests yet?

  2. I’d like to see the storks.
    Forgot to ask about bird noise in the forests when mating season started, was there more noise?
    Do you have squirrels? I saw a red one today.
    Odd about post to Ireland.
    I got a T-shirt to Spain OK.
    Need to move now, bloody work going on at the church opposite us today. (I’m sure its still lockdown in Scotland.) Not pleased about the neighbour idea.

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