Closing the barn door.

I spent the last two days making some shelves in the barn. During the night in between I could not sleep and found myself watching the 1995 six part docuentary series The Death of Yugoslavia. It’s pretty harrowing and makes the bullet holes in the buildings we pass on the way to the supermarket rather resonant!

Below are photos of the shelf construction and a few inevitable silly selfies one has come to expect from yours truly.

These doors are pointless as far as we can tell. They can’t open more than a few centimetres because of the fence on the other side  and they are opposite two doors just as big that open on to our “yard”. So they are ripe for redundancy! The space is a good spot for some shelving so we can start sorting out the stuff in the barn and bring in some of the non perishables from the workshop space in the wooden house.
A bit of product placement for my drill. These shelves were built with wood salvaged from the roofing work we had done last year and some bits left over from the gazebo construction. I had an initial plan but I ended up building them pretty much as I went along! I favour screws over nails when it comes to construction and with this job that meant a lot of drill use. I’ve burnt my way through a few power drills over the years but this one is by far the best. It was probably quite expensive but then it was a present from Vanja who has a very generous streak, I made quite a few shelves for her with help from this drill and it’s still going strong.
These last few weeks I’ve been experiencing that wierd audio effect when ones ears block and unblock at random. This means one moment I have extreme clarity of sound and the next reduced volume. In the past I have tried hippy solutions like ear candles with no success so this time I tried something more hardcore.
Doing the drill dance!

It’s a tad annoying how quickly shelves can get filled up and the thought of needing to build more creeps in!


2 Replies to “Closing the barn door.”

  1. Kids stuff? You mean like lego and Scaletrix? Subuteo even? Luna is/was Megan? Sorry about threat of visiting,its along way off, gonna be a bureaucratic batttle to get Sanja a visa. Myabe if you lot can leave the UK quick we can just come see you and screw the southerners! But then again My Dad is looking forward to playing Scrabble with her so maybe he’ll have to come stay with you too! Now ya worried! It was too damn hot today and I cycled in to town under a cool sky only to get scorched on the way back! German supermarkets are busy as ever but no sign of panic buying for a long time.
    cheers jen 🙂

  2. Nice shelves!
    Trying to get kids stuff out of our house as we can’t move. (,Luna back with a flat full.)
    I had a mild panic when you said you’d visit! I know I’ve had a warning now!

    We had snow & snow yesterday. The three times I tried to go out.

    Are the German supermarkets still full?
    Did you get the panic shopping?


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