In and out


It got so hot yesterday that I came back inside and carried on with my tapes. Then went back out in the evening and did my first grass scything of the year!

One of the young trees in the future orchard has gorgeous white blossom.
My tapes! Some of these are dated inside as 1980! The year I got my first piece of hifi, a JVC KDW5 twin cassette deck. I couldn’t afford an amplifier so I bought a pair of headphones with a long cable and listened to my tapes up loud but in a quiet room! That tape deck was the best I have ever seen. I still have it but it needs some repair work that I can’t afford that yet. Anyway after a few years of recording new records and then selling them on (because I couldnt afford to keep them and buy more) and then a few years on the fringes of the bootleg live tape business I ended up with a lot of cassettes! Now at last they are all in order and I’m playing them more than I have for many years.
These are some of the finished tape boxes all labelled up and ready to stack. The final stages of a long standing dream coming true!


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