Sunsets are back!

Here are a bunch of photos from the last two days, with comments.

Last night our first beauty of a sunset this year came on strong behind the red apple tree.
The sunset silhouettes one of our young apple trees branches.
I’ve been feeling guilty about not having made anymore nesting boxes for the local birds since I blocked up many of the holes in to the attic of the wooden house.
So I made two nesting boxes drying in the sun.
A bird box on the ground in the sunset.
The original bird nesting box on the right is finally joined by a second on the western face of the wooden house.
This third bird box is on the big apple tree.
Digging another odd veg bed.
One of the self propogated plum tree saplings that I moved to somewhere more useful.
This is a future potato circle in progress.
I filled the circular trench with old twigs and branches covered with dried grasses. Hopefully when left till next year and with a layer of this years grass cuttings on top this will make a fertile spot or rather circle!
My ride to the Krnjak post office is a little hillier than the ride to my usual office. It is situtated in the local government building and so I tend to see some other humans – somethhing that doesn’t happen much up our road – hence the mask!
This is one of the views from the road coming back from Krnjak.
Last nights super moon battles it out with “our” street light for luminescent supremacy.
Yesterday I emptied one of the compost bins in to a bunch of plastic bags.
If you fear I might be short of grub in these strange days well here is tonights meal. On the left is the rest of yesterdays lentil shepherds pie, squashed flat and grilled with some home made mozarella on top. On the right is broccoli flavoured with lemon fried with Serbian fake bacon. Finished off with a chunk of Sunni’s delicious walnut, chocolate and lemon cake. I’m eating well
Today I finally started phase two of sorting out my cassette tapes. When finished they will all be in order and each box will be labelled.