A late winter (?) walk in the woods

The second week of Febuary is still winter is it not? Maybe not anymore! We still haven’t had any proper snow here this year. My plans of learning to ski slalome down our slope appear to be receeding into a climate changed unlikeliness!

Still its nice to be able to go for a walk on a bright sunny afternoon, to admire the size of the trees atht were blown down in the recent strong winds an see the first flowers breaking through the leaf covered forest floor. The tree roots featured below belong to the “big Pine” that used to stand out when one viewed our estate via Google. The green pine stood out admid the brown deciduous trees, now it awaits the indignity of the chain saw but hopefully we can turn its wood into something more than just firewood.

The roots of the big pine.
I,ve forgotten what this beautiful purple flower is, but unlike people flowers dont get offended when I forget their names which is quite a relief!
Snowdrops in the woods on Feb 14th 2020
More pretty forest flowers, the yellow one is a wild primrose. There is nothing prim about the one in the background.
Sanja takes charge of the forestry work and rips a tree apart with her bare hands.
I find the pattern of the crack line in this dead tree trunk fascinating.
Barabrith in the winter sun seen from the woods on the other side of our valley with bozos in foreground!