First planting of the year!

Our lower vegetable garden was ploughed over a few weeks back by our tractor enabled neighbours and we now have a large area of virgin soil to plant loads and loads of vegetables and the odd fruit in. Today Sunni deemed was a day we could plant some garlic and so we did. We are gambling that there won’t be much in the way of severe winter weather coming this season.

The Barabrith Agricultural Comrades go in to action.
Digging out holes for garlic cloves.
An old clove is buried in compost in its own little hole!

2 Replies to “First planting of the year!”

  1. Yes indeed Jen, I remember the Garlic farm talking about planting in the winter. Greenhouses and the like are all on the “to do” list! x jon

  2. Good to see the planting!
    Apparently garlic in the UK should be planted at winter Solstice so might be OK!
    And you found the caves!
    Any plans for a greenhouse or polytunnel?

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