I’m back from Blighty

The sunset last night taken from my room

Back from the land of many vegan options! It was as ever interesting to be in London, where I fit in easily but feel out of place, where I am free but everything is so expensive, where there’s lots to do but I now feel purposeless. Back in in screwed up Croatia where this morning the friendly post office worker informed me that now one must use a “proper” envelope , new rules! I had to buy a new envelope to put my homemade envelope inside…. that’ll be Croatia working hard towards climate catastrophy as usual. When I discussed this idiocy with the woman at the stationary shop -stocking up on regulation envelopes – her final comment, so often heard over here to explain such incomprehensible bureacratic numbskullery was “That’s Croatia”. Too true but at least I’m not in Brexitland anymore.

Tis the season to keep the burner burning all day and all night!
Two boxes of new Anarchopuzzle jigsaws arrived today so I have some online selling to do!
My last taste of London for a while! I managed to save a Greggs Vegan steak bake all the way back to Barabrith and then it was gone in a few moments!