VIP Prep

This evening Nada asked Marko if I had found a wife!! Her reasoning being that why else would I be engaged in all these tidying up and redecorating exercises!

The wooden house steps got a make over today.

In truth the repainting of the concrete pathway around the house has been on my “to do” list for a year or so.  Similarly the attack of Health and Safety conciousness is not new, I decided it’d be prudent to paint some white stripes on the steps that go around the house after almost falling on my nose one night having tripped on one of them! The VIP arriving on Friday that has stirred me to get this and other “intended but never succeeded” projects done is my Dad. Friday I pick the old man and my brother and sister up from Ljubjana airport and they will be here for a long weekend..

The white stripes of Health and Safety come to Barabrith! Oh yeah and thats the new car in the background, how I would love to paint some red and black stripes on it!