Fungi Food Fun

Stonky, our neighbour turned up with a plastic bag full of great big fat Penny Bun mushrooms. For some reason Stonky and Nada do not eat them, they don’t eat Parasol mushrooms either!

Penny Buns before cleaning and preparation!

That evening we brushed off the wild woodland residue of dust and dirt and cut away any bad bits then sliced them into slithers! This is easy with the stems but the green underside of the caps easily turns to sludge when compressed. Then the slithers were spread out of a sheet to dry. The next day we put them out in the sun. Now they are dried shrivelled and safely stored in clean jam jars for future culinary use.

Sliced as thin as you can!
A mad mushroom “jigsaw” puzzle, can oine arrange them all to fit on the table without touching one another?
Slithers of mushroom as far as the eye can see!
The first two jars from the left are Penny Buns, the last two on the right are Black trumpets all dried and stored. Winter is coming!

We kept back a few for the next days meal and Marko turned them (and some parasols) in to giant mushroom battered fritters.

Here are the battered and fried results, very nice!
This is a pnackae of Black Trumpet mushrooms.

We also got a load of Black Trumpet mushrooms, also known as Dead Man’s Trumpet. These were turned into a mushroom rissotto and the rest were dried on baking trays on the wood burning oven in the apartment.