Postal Unservice

One of the nicest things about moving here has been recieving letters and presents by the old school postal service. There has been a catch though and that is the apparent inability of the local post in our area to deliver any post bigger than a small envelope within two or  three weeks of its arrival in Croatia!

The first example of this phenomenon was a book and t-shirt sent to me by my comrades at Dog Section Press who posted a clearly addressed cool looking black packet to me from London. It took 29 days to be delivered to me!

I thought 29 days would be the exception!! Always the optomist!

Secondly to arrive super late was a book from Nick Blinko. His more artfully addressed envelope took 49 days to arrive at Barabrith from Hertfordshire!

Currently there is a birthday present sent from my friend Montserrat in Germany that has been in the postal system since July the 8th! That means that like both the other packets it could have been carried by a walker from its sendee to recipient quicker than the post delivered it. But this packet could have gone back and forth between Brabrith and Oldenberg six times by foot by now!! Oh well as the phrase goes “that’s Croatia” hopefully it wil arrive before my next birthday!