Dining Pool Table

My pool table – and yes you better get used to me going on about it for some time to come! – has taken the space of the dining table and so I needed to make it multifunctional. You can buy pool tables that are made as dual use and that was what I intended to do untilI saw my vintage beauty! So I got Stonky our neighbour to give me a lift into Karlovac yesterday, it was a memorable trip if only for the conversation that comprised of my improvised Polish !? (its sometimes similar to Croatian) and my limited acting skills and Stonky just repeating sentences at me until he was sure I must understand him “by now”!

Getting the 1cm thick strips proved to be the most difficult bit at the timber supplier and i ended up having to butcher some “cieling wood”.

I went back to Drvona the main wood supply place and managed to get what I wanted which meant I bought a 5 metre by 2 metre by 2.7 cm piece of wood that was cut into three 136 x 86 panels and I had some nice bits left over. The question I wrestled with was wether or not the panels would be strong enough to take weight in the middle without some support underneath. I decided to see how it goes! My other dilema involved how to circumvent the fancy snooker table style pocket holders that stand about 8 mm above the wooden edge of the table. I settled on a plan to rest the panels on 1cm strips that would fit snuggly between the pockets resting on only the wooden edge and so stopping the panels from moving. To my delight this design seems to work. Now all I need is for Sunni to come back and choose a waterproof table cloth with some “bad taste” pattern or picture on and the table will be a dining pool table!

One day I will splash out on a new bit of green baize but in the meantime I will invest in a snooker ball set and an English style set of pool balls (red and yellow).
I’m glad I decided to do three panels. they are heavy enough, two would have been a strain to lift.
I was thinking of varnishing the wood with a stain to match the rest of the table, but it’ll be always covered by a table cloth so whats the point?