Fat Cats and Peasants.

For those of you enviously believing that I am now living in a vegan Big Rock Candy Mountain should take note. I was out this morning cutting the grass with a scythe whilst a certain fat cat prowled around my kitchen eating whatever she could find!

Spot Suncica the peasant toiling in the upper garden under the spring sun.
I’m hoping the little light green growth in the middle of this picture is my transported Oak tree, but I migt be wrong 🙁
Here comes the end for you, you bad blade of grass!
Not much of a Grim Reaper this smiling peasant engaged in sharpening his scythe with a wet stone.
Sharpening my big tool. No points for the first person to suggest I should use it on my hair (or head!)

It was a good feeling (not for my dodgy foot or my back) but for my spirit (!) cutting the grass and weeds with just the power of my body. For a day I did not partake in the carmaggedon of life. I doubt I will be able to do all the gardens without using the petrol motor strimmer but I’ll try…..

And the fat cat is…..

Poor old “Matchka the Pregnant Kitten” is finding even the simplest step a lot more effort nowadays.
A silhouette of our silly pet who now has a barrel for a belly!