Ebay and K7’s

I’ve been put to work by the Sto Citas crew. They realised my potential as a “data input assisitant” (thanx Jello!) and also their apparent inability to do anything online quickly. So now I am uploading the odds and sods that they discover at the Hrelic flea market whilst looking for books. These include everything from almost complete sets of the works of De Sade in French to a 1940’s Zagreb East Railway  Station ticket date stamp. Interested in one?

Just look at these goodies in our ebay shop!

If so feel free to browse our ebay shop under the name of Marko_Sokram. But before you submit any derisory offers for our Yugoslavian Airline ashtray  or whatever gem takes your fancy remember it is ‘yours truly’ spending hours taking photos, researching the history and making up bullshit to describe these valuable items.

Our star ebay item the De Sade collection on the ipad ebay app!
Its quite amazing what ends up at the Zagreb flea market, this american book about Malcolm Mclaren is one I have never seen before.

Whilst spending my time online I am now entertained by my old analogue tapes. My boxes of tapes were almost the last things to be brought over from the wooden house workshop. Now they are neatly stacked next my HiFi awaiting shelving.

Cassette tapes or K7 as the French used to say in boxes awaiting shelving.

I opened up the top box and to my delight found a row of my old compilation tapes. First I listened to my Noise of 1994 tape that was a genuine blast from the past. Then I noticed the ‘Pat’s Tape’ which is a great mix of punk rock and musical oddities with sound clips edited in between tracks. the funny thing is I can’t work out if this one is a tape I made for Pat (and kept a copy) or if it’s a tape he made for me. There are a fair number of Snuff tracks on it so I suspect it was created by him for me!

My tape deck goes in to action.

Pat and I met as cycle courier comrades back in 1990 slaving for the yuppies in the media business dressed up in Cyclone courier gear.  Don’t get me started on those days ….! There is another tape titled ‘Pats tape for Jon’ so I guess the provenace of that one is in no doubt! Thanx again Pat, they rock!

A few of my compilation tapes, a thing of joy from the past, alive and kicking chez moi!