Visitors in the snow

Yesterday we had visitors from Banja Luka, which I think is a great sounding name, not sure why but there you go! The snow remained all around and I reckoned it was time to go visit our woods whilst they are covered in this photogenic white stuff. So off we went….

Heading off down the snowy slope and in to the woods.
I can not fathom where and why these people called “parents” get the energy or inspiration from!
The sledgers make it down the hill first!
Our forest path is blocked by fallen trees and covered with snow
Snowy trees in our woods.
Ena add’s some colour to the white canvas of snow
Sunni “the photophobe” finds herself trapped between two photogoraphers.
Could this be the next “must try” ski slope of Europe?
Our little stream snakes its way through the snow
Our house from the otherside of our valley.
Say “cheese”!

Back in at the house Matchka was getting a bit annoyed by the “attentions’ of the visiting infant. She tried to escape by climbing on my shoulders and stayed there for 20 minutes or more even remaining in place when I got up and started doing the washing up!

Todays “cat on internet” photo.