The gazebo roof ends

The last two days have been incredibly bright, warm and sunny. Difficult to believe how cold it was a few days ago and that it’s December. Anyway this gave me the chance to get on the gazebo roof and finish the shingles whilst they and the glue were not all but frozen solid as they were last week.

Matchka comes to inspect the work the gazebo roof
Gluing down the last of the shingles.
Hammering down the last of the shingles.

The top of the gazebo provided the last tricky bit to sort out. Maybe we’ll get a metal cap and weather cock later! In the meantime let’s hope that this combination stays put over the coming winter months.

The apex of the four ridges provides a bit of a dilemma as to how to finish it.
No idea if this will stand the test of time but it looks pretty today.

The view from top is rather special a 360 degree vista of our house, land and the hills and forest further away.

It may not be perfect but at least the gazebo roof is finished today!