This week was..

Two sides done two to go!

We thought we’d finish the gazebo roofing job this week. We knew we’d have to work around the forecast rain and fog but Marko and I had got into a pretty good rhythm of  cutting, gluing and hammering down the shingles regardless of the miserable weather. Unfortunately our logistics department failed us with its miserly materials purchases and we ran out of glue and shingles just as the end came in sight! I made a trip in to Karlovac especially to buy another packet of shingles only to find none in stock anywhere though one place did try to sell me some that looked “similar” Ha! I’m no stupid tourist, I live here!

Three and two thirds of the roof done and we ran out of shingles. DOH!

The other job for this week was planting the new fruit tree and bush saplings that we bought at the Zagreb nursery on Weds morning before Sunni went to do her 3 day stint in the bookshop.

Planting our second batch of saplings.

Ena and maybe the neighbours dogs have been digging holes in the “garden” so its not surprising she came to inspect the ones we were digging.

Ena comes to inspect my digging in of a new cherry tree.

The green “lawn” in the background is not our future golf course but the field of wheat that our neighbour Stonky planted a month or so ago for next year. But the weather has been so mild that it is growing like mad already!


Marko makes an effort to give a cherry tree a flying start in its new life.

There were three little kittens next door they all had some eye infection at birth, one died last week, the male survivor has decided to stay mostly next door but “Three Spots” has totally decided that she is gonna live with us. Marko and Sunni being real animal lovers have accepted their roles as kitten guardians, carers, feeders and bed makers much to the consternation of a visibly jealous Ena!

We have been adopted by this creature.
“Three spots” or “Mačka” as we call “it” has decided one of her fave places in the world is the back of Marko’s neck!

The end is also in sight for my room being ready to move in to. The builder informed us by email tonight that they have finished! Why the fuck he didn’t tell us that when they left on Friday I can’t understand!  Once I’ve finished the tiling the plumbers will come and install my new sink and toilet (not the same things lads!) then we put down the laminate floor, install the wood fired stove- for heating and bobs ya uncle I’m ready to move in! Oh yeah!

Odd job man or odd man doing job! Toiling with the tiles! Well it looks like I know what I’m doing, doesn’t it?

We’ll see what actually happens!