A good day…

I was up till rather late last night (this morning) doing the wall tiles for my bedroom  en suite  toilet.  I was woken up this morning by the postie who brought me another little package that miraculously made it to me even though it wasn’t  registered (signed for). The night before I had been moping on how I have so little chocolate options over here and indeed how little chocolate I have been eating since moving. Then this morning I get a packet from Vanja with three bars of a brand new vegan sugar free chocolate that was really really good! What about that for synchronicity!

Vanja’s “pick me up” present of new vegan chocs.

Most of the rest of my day was spent preparing the floor tiles for my bathroom. It was a large simple jigsaw with two tricky bits where the jigsaw pieces needed reshaping to fit around the waste water pipes in the floor. Having been unable to find a replacement tile drill bit in the local Pevec DIY store last night I had to resort to the clipping method. The clipping method of tile cutting involves using a pair of pincers (end cutters) to gradually trim the tile by snipping off little bits at a time. It requires patience, but hey time is something I now have by the bucket load! Anyway the tiles are all now laid and drying. I will take a photo of the finished look, before grouting, when i have tidied up a bit but for now ……

Cutting and laying out the floor tiles
Tiling my future bathroom or preparing to audition for the muppet show?

All in all I felt rather good today after finishing the floor and indulging in another small chunk of chocolate. So good I have decided to try out “Blog comments”. For a trial time I will turn on the comments option so if you feel like giving me feedback or whatever you may do.  I asked a couple of my “avid readers” (ha ha) and they said they would appreciate the option so there goes the gauntlet thrown down on the cyber floor! Let us see what happens.