Hello Kitty!

Not a good time for the solar panels!

Today was meant to be sunny but it started misty and progressed to grey and even some rain! Still our plans today were to plant the various cherry, blueberry and other trees  we bought last week so a bit of rain was probably a good thing. And the inclement weather did not deter an invasion of curious kittens from across the road.

Barabrith says “Hello Kitten”

I was about to take Marko to the station for his 8.35am train commute to Zagreb this morning when we noticed that Nada and Stonky were getting in their car. The two of them being out simultaneously  doesn’t happen too often so a shopping trip to Karlovac must be their plan. I quickly suggested to Sunni that she find out if they could take Marko to the station and I could then go back to bed. She did, they were, he went, I didn’t.  Instead I made a big breakfast and then Sunni and I prepared to plant the new saplings. Thing is when Nada and Stonky leave their property those members of their little zoo that can roam, do so! Sunni was soon feeding dog treats to four dogs and two of the three kittens were boldly prowling across our grass. The third, the male,  never made it past the gate!

The brave and the not so brave.

Ena, our dog, was almost as curious of the kittens as the kittens were disinterested in her! Pretty soon Ena realised that they didn’t want to play with her like a puppy might and then Ena began to get jealous of their hogging our attention!  Cats and dogs eh?!

Hello who are you? Do you want to play?
Thats funny you don’t smell like a dog either!

The boldest little kitten followed us across the field checking out every emptied plant pot and the compost bag as well as climbing on both our backs. But the first place it went and stayed for some time was the just opened oven of the wood stove in the apartment’s kitchen. Warm I guess!

Baked Kitten anyone?

One of the downsides of living out here in “Bogu za hrbtom” as the Slovenians say is having to make critical decisions about where to plant ones new bushes and trees! Back in Hackney such stress was generously lifted from my shoulders by the ever caring council. The “Judas Tree” we agreed should be near the entrance the White Magnolia too but where did we decide to place the Gingko tree?

I know we chose somewhere to put it but where I can’t remember!

The Siberian and Mongolian Blueberries we spread over the reclaimed corn field.

A future blueberry bush
A cherry tree in the middle of the reclaimed bit of our field.
Another blueberry bush starts its new life in Barabrith.