Wild dogs in the woods!

Vanja popped over during her brief Slovenian theatre trip this week to check out the latest developments at Barabrith. She hadn’t seen our “other bit of land” before so we took an afternoon stroll to have a gander. This piece of land is about a kilometre from our house and there is no easy track or road to get you there. It is about a hectare of wooded land and rather nice once reached.

The official Croatian land registry map of our “stray” bit of land.
Just to the left of the middle of this picture is the hectare of woods that we own but don’t really have much use for… a weird idea innit!

We walked down our “unnamed” road to the house with the wind turbine that never turns. As we approached a small black dog that looked like a mini black bear came cautiously towards us. He had been just sitting by the side of the road apparently waiting for something to happen….. not very likely round here but one lives in hope and dogs are nothing if not optimists, I mean look at the way Ena sits by the table drowning  in woeful eyes of abject faux hunger and never gets a crumb! I digress.

Two black dogs play in the woods, guess which one is the male!

The little bear dog was male, Ena is female, the rest of their time together was rather predictably spent with the thankfully smaller and submissive male trying to have his way with Ena, who’s having none of it. But the “chase” was fun and the two of them ran around like, er..  “dogs on heat” and funnily enough when the little bear got tired and stopped running (the poor thing had a limp) Ena came and tried to get him to chase her once more! Ena the tease!

Ena and friend “tear it up” in the woods!

Sweet though this brief romance was the two hounds often looked like some dark and demonic creatures as they scampered in and out of the trees.

Ena and her latest “boyfriend”.

Vanja and I took a selfie in the sun’s warm evening glow. By the time we made it back to the house the sun had dipped behind the hill and the temperature had plummeted.

This is the “heightism” friendly selfie angle for photos of Vanja and I. But I look a bit fat from this side…..