Catching up since Zadar

Apologies readers for the break in communication but other things tend to slow down when I have to serve my punk princess. These photos are chiefly taken from my mobile phone and some date back to our time in Zadar at the beginning of last month when Apsurd (Sanja’s band ) were meant to play at a festival. We slept in the car by the beach for two nights that was a lovely change to the previous night of being disturbed by drunk punks all night.

Zadar is rather over run by tourists but we found that a short drive along the coast out of the north of the town found us in an unofficial campsite area. It doesnt look as warm as it was, the proof of that being that Sanja was soon stripped off and in the sea.

And the next morning…

One of us was up at 8 am and swimming around in the clear water with no-one else in sight, t’other eventually rose and stumbled to a rock with her book where she perched and read until her servant had made breakfast. Such was life in Zadar.

Back at Barabrith

This edible parasol mushroom was a solitary beauty standing in the woods amongst a load of others that had withered and shriveled, this one was a survivor till we came along!
These magical looking mini fungi are growing like mad on a fallen tree crossing one of the paths in our woods. The focus is out on this picture which adds an extra psychedlic atmosphere, I think.
It might be legitimately asserted taht there are already a couple of weird looking animals resident at Barabrith but this one is a definite weirdo! It likes to just hang on to the outside wall and seems oblivious to how close my phone gets to it!

After the failure of their last three gigs to materialise Apsurd finally got to strut their stuff in Zagreb on the 4th September ….

Sanja‘s band Apsurd finally got to play a gig that didnt get cancelled by the forces of nature or of law n order! Here they are performing a soundcheck in the court yard of the Medika complex in Zagreb. The gig was outdoors and the numbers were limited and all in all went pretty well. A video is available on YouTube.
This is the view that the humble merch guy gets from behind his stall selling t-shirts for the band. Actually I sold quite a few books that night which always warms my heart.

Back in Karlovac …

Sitting on the banks of one of Karlovac’s less attractive four rivers Sanja prepares to defend her fritters from theft by Jon. But I mean why would you leave them till last like that? Surely it can only signify that you don‘t really want them? And when Jon finished his portion approx ten minutes earlier! Not of course that I had anything like theft on my mind I just offered to help…….
The food came from the marvellous Chandra which is the only vegan food outlet in Karlovac, it does one take away lunch each week day.

Back at our local “beach”…

Sept 12th might well be the day I went for the last swim of the year in our local river. Sanja captured my silhouetted head and hand from the bank. She valliantly took a dip which lasted approximately 25 seconds and ended in her begging me to help her out of the alledgedly “seriously freezing” water. The look of surprise on her face on falling in (her diving is best described as ‘awkward’) was a truly hilarious composition of shock, horror and incomprehension that I was swimming around in the same water and had been for sometime!!! Priceless!


Cycling back from the Post Office along our little road today I spotted a big n beautiful bird of prey sitting atop a roll of straw. This photo as with most of this post was taken with my old 2009 C510 mobile phone so it struggled to capture the bird in the sunlight but I like the photo anyway.
When one walks ones bicycle up the steep hills on etends to notice the victims of carmageddon rather more than when one is hurtling down them! this little snake was so close to the safety of the grass but didn‘t make it.

One I should have posted last month….

One of the few regular pieces of anarchist publishing still in hard – real life – format and a joy to take a break to read is the Cunnigham Amendment that I am lucky enough to have a subscription to.

One I can’t resist….

Look at the curves on that! Isn’t nature beautiful.

Yesterday was 26 years since Emma Cray died, never forgotten always loved.