More trees a go go!

After the rave reception and generous feedback  from Mrs Trellis of last nights post I decided to press home my advantage and so…

These photos are from the last  few days but  they were taken on my little old phone camera rather than the Ipad, you might notice a difference. The phone acts as a nice portable punk rock machine all day as I scythe and dig my way around the estate whereas the Ipad tends to just run out of battery as soon as I take it outside my room!

This was taken a few days ago when I’d managed to persuade my reluctant body to get out and up before the sun became too strong (c.9am). It show’s the early morning mist coming off our neighbours dewy damp fields as the first rays of sun hits them. It also shows the newly ‘n nicely tidied and bramble cleared fence that runs along the road boundary.
Grass path clearing aka dandelion destruction in progress. Sweaty work even at 8 am, I was down to my sleeveless t-shirt.
This leafy specimen is a Prunus Padus, known as Bird Cherry, Hackberry, Hagberry, or Mayday Tree, a flowering plant in the rose family Rosaceae. It is a species of cherry, a deciduous small tree if I’m lucky it might grow up to up to 16m tall!
A red Mulberry tree which the Croatians call a Grab tree!! I just had to grab one of those!
This big leafed beauty is a Tilia Tomentosa, known as silver linden in the US and silver lime in the UK, is a species of flowering plant in the family Malvaceae, native to southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia, from Romania and the Balkans east to western Turkey, occurring at moderate altitudes. Locally known as a Srebrna Lipa.
Sanja’ s Ginko will have a fence constructed around it this evening before the local Bambi get a chance to feast on it.
Not sure if I bought a red Robin tree or bush but at only £3 it was not a big risk investment and if it survives it’ll be a nice bit of colour next to Sanja’s favourite bench.
If this beauty survives the Croatian climate it should end up as a bright russet red spot on the Google earth picture of Barabrith taken from space! A Japanese Maple or Japanski Javor.

and late yesterday evening…

The little Ginko tree gets its deer protection, fingers crossed the rest don’t need this too!!