Bg makes Zg smell good!

Never one to make unfair jokey comments at other peoples expense!

This is my second time in Belgrade during the corona crisis and so there are a lot less activities going on here. Those that are I am not allowed to partake of thanks to my zealous “carer” Sanja who worries about my fragile constitution’s ability to cope with  a Covid attack! So we have completed two jigsaws, binged on Netflix And downloads till our eyes became oblong, played Boggle and spent a lot of time in bed.

So here are some random images from the last few days.

Excruciating on the old eyeballs! I ended up using a magnifying plats to help me with this!
Finally completed one of our new jigsaw puzzles.
These puzzles , oh what fun, the genius who thought up the idea of doing a puzzle with an image that is not the actual one on the box but associated with it… just wait til I get my hands on him or her!
The face of joy and contentment as Sanja realises the daft nature of the 1000 piece puzzle design we have just completed
Much amusement can be found watching cats chase each other or little objects around the flat. This dozy creature provides entertainment by doing such laid back things as staring for inordinate lengths of time at nothing and getting himself entangled in such things as a pair of my underpants!

This post was written whilst I was in BG but I failed to press the “publish” button and so it has languished unread and uncared for till now…..