Blossom, shelves and cake.

A crown of apple blossom for “treeman” Jon!! …………….Damn Hippy!
The tape project comes to its end almost. All the K7’s are in order and the boxes labelled but now it seems they don’t fit in the space they did before so I might have to make another shelf for a few tape boxes!
Once again we are likely to win the Inter – Balkan Dandelion Growers Award for Best Newcomer in the category of Leaving Ones Lawns Alone and Seeing What Happens!
After procrastination the like of which would make Sanja look decisive I finally decided to have at least some of my books in my room rather than all downstairs in the pool/dining room! So I started making some shelves. These are for big books! I chose this form of shelf so I can move them around the room if necessary. They fit nicely under the window sill too!
This the the second “dragable” bookshelf for my library space under construction!
The second long bookshelf all but completed (I forgot to put in a support triangle and they need a lacquer adding) I started on the fun shelving. Creating shelves in and around the existing wooden beams of my room is kind of fun for a passionate DIY shelf builder who has known for a long time that the best way to cope with loneliness and a lack of sex is to build a shelf or two!
This was last nights Marko and Sunni cake creation. A rather succulent – we started it whilst it twas still warm – dark choc and forest fruits cake. Very light and fluffy it was and now its settled in to a good brownie texture which is what it was meant to be! But it won’t last long!