Images from The last 48 hours

The easterly view this morning, 24th March 2020.
The veg patch has been whitewashed. Let’s hope all those little shots survive todays chilly awakening!
Well maybe I won’t be doing any gardening today after all!
A couple of days ago I tried out the reclining deck chair type thing that my Dad chucked out …. in my direction! Maybe not today!
Those of us living in almost permanent self isolation sometimes resort to desperate measures.
I took two little clementines to bed with me last night. Well the may have been tangerines but I didn’t ask their names. I lost one for a time and then when she popped up alongside me I discovered a surprising sticker attached to her and thought… photo and what does that mean?
Ever since I rescued one of my fave hoodies from the hospital floor I have intended to try and resurrect it. This top was cut off me by a nurse when I was unconscious and badly beaten way back in the days of Marta. Now, finally, with excess time on my hands I have started the project to make it wearable once more. Progress reports will follow.
A selfie from last night whilst using my fancy electric toothbrush (thanx Vanja!)

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