Been here done this, Scarlet and Lilian.

The Brazillians arrived hard on the heels of Igor and Sanja’s departure. Scarlet is one of my oldest London mates and long time Active stall helper. Lilian has made me several superb cakes, all for me!!, need I say more!

Here are lots of photos from their visit especially from our amazing day at Plitvice National Park, oh so funny accompanying text will follow soon!

Scarlet arrived a day late thanx to an impossible flight connection at Frankfurt! This meant she got to go to Hrelic flea Market instead of staying in bed on Sunday morning! There she bought this jacket and wore it for most of the rest of the holiday, it cost £6.
Scarlet was bit like a starved kid in a sweetshop when it came to the millions of clothes selection at the market.
It took almost half an hour for Scarlet to chose a piece of jewelry.

Scarlet arrived on Sunday morning thankfully the airport is only 20 mins from Hrelic flea market. Scarlet hit the market with an enthusiasm of someone who’d forgotten that they have no cargo luggage booked for their return flight! She bought more than I did that day by far! Afterwards we went in to the city center and went to Vegehop which is the only vegan food outlet open on Sundays in Zagreb. Vegehop is good and does excellent cakes including the one on the right below which is their gateau interpretation of the classic Croatian Bajadera chocolate, and marvellous.

When two or more vegans meet up in a capital city they shall seek out vegan cakes! These two were happily consumed at Vegehop before going on to a third! Pure joy!
Lilian arrived on Monday and we went straight to Simply Green for a super lunch. They were rather impressed by the size of the burger rolls!
“The girls” gte comfy on my sofa and settle down to some serious social media updating!
We went for an exploratory walk in the woods. We wee looking for the “Gypsy Cave” but failed to find it!
Scarlet was more interested in walking with Ena than staying with Lilian and I! This is picture shot fromthe top of our dead end road looking down towards our house.
We arrived early at Plitvice and though we therefore avoided the crowds we could not avoid the rain.
Scarlet measures the entrance to a Plitvice cave.
No blues for Lilian. My photos are all rather stationary, she was doing instagram clips and boomerangs all day long! What am I tallking about? Indeed!
Some pictures need no introduction or commentry, but I couldn’t resist!
Oi Oi quick it’s selfie time! How wonderfully compliant these two were!
The boat across the lake from station 2 to station 3!
Thats me and Scarlet, that is!
It doesn’t get much better than this.
We got to see this view in the early mist and the later sun. We took 6 hours doing only part of the park!
Scarlet likes to pose for photgraphs, Lilian and I like to sabotage them!
Lilian found the little hammock but needed helpgetting out of it!
Scarlet showed her true love for Ena and vica versa when she took out one of Ena’s tiks!
Yours truly at the Partisan hospital with Lilian

The Petrova Monument is well worth seeing inside which isn’t possible at the moment but I was just sent this short video about the place.

Marko and Sunni show Lilian the Pretrova Gora monument from a distance due to a film company having closed it off to the public.

and here’s a photo taken by Scarlet under artistic direction (choreography I think its called!) by yours truly.

and here’s one taken under similar instruction of Scarlet and I taken by Lilian. The title of this composition is “cake lovers”. The cake was one of Marko and Sunni’s marvellous raw creations! It was a pineapple and vanilla creamy cheesecake on a cashew based base!