Gutter Dreams

It was a couple of months ago that Marko, and I worked under the direction of Jacz and with the help of Nils to build the gazebo. The next step I was told was the guttering -before the roof! – and yet there the project stalled till this week when we drove out to the guttering specialist shop in Jastrebarsko and spent about £200 on gutters, down pipes, supports, corners and metal glue. The 6m pieces of gutter were sawn in half spoke as to fit in our car and now we have reconnected them to the correct 5.35m lengths ready to hang.  Here is Marko hard at work joining two bits of 3m guttering together.

A gutter worker in the gazebo.

Talking of tools, one of my longest held personal goals is to have a space for organising my tools so that finding a certain size spanner, screw or nail no longer involves rummaging in an overcrowded tool box or “box of bits n pieces”. I am painfully aware that this sounds very “middle aged man in garden shed” but I have desired such efficiency and organisation for my tools since I first bought a tool box and started collecting a useful DIY kit in my late teenage years. So no apologies for the following pictures of the early stages of my “tool room” and expect more as it develops.

The garden tools…. as yet unsorted!
The shelf of stuff to be sorted and the “moonshine” equipment.
A dream gradually coming true!