The room upstairs….

The  attic of the main house was a concrete floor, dodgy doors and open to the tiles on the roof when we moved in. Lots of procrastination and a lack of suitable  “workmen” meant that its only now half a year later that the room is nearing completion and I will soon have a room of my own that I can unpack my stuff in to. Luckily its quite  big space! The electrical sockets, switches, lights and connecting cables are yet to be done. As is the plumbing and the flooring but the big task of insulation and boarding up the ceiling is almost done.

It should have a nice woody feel to it, with a mixture of very old beams and new ceiling boards.
The short arm of the L shape will be my bedroom area.
The ross beams were taken out whilst the ceiling was being done and are now being sanded down and replaced.
Marko and Sunni discuss work progress and vital concerns of the day with the carpenter.