The kittens come in from across the street.

Isn’t this what the internet was invented for….

I hope you are getting all these moves on video and not boring still images?
I’m winning this fight, I’m sure I am!
Quick before the cobra strikes!
What did mum say.. remember to keep three paws on ground and strike with the fourth? Or was it two on the ground and two to scratch with?
Now I’ve got you!
Once I’ve thoroughly dealt with this snake I’ll get the other one before it escapes.
Kitty concentration
Shhh I’m stalking a very tricky chair leg.
How on earth did I get all the way up here? And how will I get down again?
Is that a pair of scissors I see before me?

This last comment is a lie! Kitty was actually momentarily transfixed by my computer screen. Please note the exquisite positioning of tail, this one is a poseur!