Wooden House Painting

The wooden house gets a paint job.

It’s October and finally the weather is just right for working outside. So on with my 70’s German porn gear (see photo) and out with the brushes. The wooden house – guest quarters- is in dire need of a lick of paint and of course as with all good lickings its all about the preparation! So I scraped, sanded, dusted and even vacuumed the outer walls whilst the sun beat down and then proceeded to paint it black (what else!). Actually tomorrow I will start doing the windows , shutters and doors in red, but there are three more walls to paint black. If the weather holds out I’ll be doing this all week.

This is October!

Home is where my HIFI is!

Having just got back from London after spending about six months here in Croatia the concept of “home” has been on my mind. Riding around London was an all too familiar feeling, but I felt like a tourist ! Thing is I’m still without my own room here at Barabrith let alone having a place to set up my HIFI. Sure my room is being worked on by “the builders” and when its done it will my “den” extraordinaire! But as yet I struggle to feel I’ve settled here ….yet!

My room in the making

Still one good thing about my brief visit to Hackney was collecting my first ever bit of HIFI , my  ITT transistor radio! It was  birthday present for me from my parents back in 1979 (or maybe 78!) and it soon became my secret late night listening to John Peel device.  Oh the days! The thing still works a treat even though the ariel came off a couple off a couple of decades ago. Trouble is John Peel is no more and over here I can’t get Radio 4!

My transistor radio from 1979

Chestnut Hunting

Today was chestnut collecting day! We headed off to Petrova Gora which is better known for its crazy Monument to the Uprising of the People of Kordun and Banija than its chestnut trees.  The  monument was erected by a sculpture to remember those that fought the fascists in WW2. Unfortunately since the Yugoslav war the monument has been left to rack and ruin. But its a great building to climb inside, the inner architecture is as wild as its outer and the view from the top magnificent.

Monument to the uprising of the people of Kordun and Banija

We took our neighbour Nada along with us as she has all kinds of essential local hidden knowledge, she was keen to pick chestnuts and has not been to Petrova Gora since 1993 despite it being a top spot for chestnuts. We foraged around the forest floor for about an hour or more and came away with finger tips tingling from the spikey outer shells of the chestnuts that many nuts were still hiding within.

A “spikey bastard” forest chestnut.

My haul was given general approval and later that evening Marko and Sunni roasted a load on their wood stove. I was a bit disappointed that so many were bad or had worms inside but the good ones were wonderful. I freezer bagged a load for Vanja which now we have  a new freezer unit is easy to do.

My Chestnut Haul

We arrived! Barabrith makes it to cyberspace!

At long last this tentative first version of the Barabrith website is up and running. Thanks to Stjepan for much help with it.

Now I have much uploading of photos and telling of stories from the past year since we bought this place.

Unfortunately this project is in competition for my time and energy with repainting the wooden house, planting trees and bushes in the ex-corn field, laying the floor in my attic bedroom, decorating and finishing my room (at the moment the builders are still installing the ceiling, walls, plumbing and electrics), building tree houses, digging vegetable gardens, publishing more anarchic books and maybe getting my oft dreamed of pool table. … so it may not always be as up to date as one would wish.

Please note I detest Facebook and the rest of social media so this will be the only source of information on Barabrith and my life here in Croatia that you will get from me.

thanx for reading

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