Winter is here.

I have lit the stove, the wood is burning and the kitchen/lounge/pool room is now the warmest space at Barabrith! Outside there is still a bit of snow on the ground, I do hope the courier will not be put off driving up our hill tomorrow. So no more “gardening” , well at least not whilst the snow is on the ground, so its’ time to lie under my duvet or by the fire and read my newly arrived selection of Rebus/Rankin books courtesy of the charity shops of Brechin and my good friend Jen.  When I’ve finished those I have  a new stack of The London Review of Book’s to read (thanx to comrade Jane) so yes I am ready for the winter!

A late November sunny day. The leaves on the bushes have turned brown and the grass seems to have thankfully finally stopped growing giving me and my strimmer a well earned break!
Yeah I might be a godless atheist but I know I have a purpose! To be precise I am part of Sid’s purpose, I am a comfy cushion, oh yeah!
The morning after the first snow here of the year and I promptly did the path cleaning, let’s see if I can be as dilligent for the rest of the season!