More snow!

I recieved a few rather good photos from my visitors from last weekend and thought I should share some of them.

Andrej sets off on his snow board after a little push from the beast behind!
Maroosh took this great shot of the snow game paraphenailia left behind as everyone went inside to warm up.

The next morning we dug out the cars and headed off…

That’s me slowly pushing through the snow in first gear all the way down the hill, trying to stay on our narrow road. Photo courtesy of Maroosha.
Me driving cautiously along the main road towards my early morning hospital appointment in Karlovac captured on camera by friends following behind.

These two are from yesterday when the sun was out and it was quite warm and very bright with all that white!

This snow is now icy enough on top to stand on it, unless you’re as heavy as I am! but the cats are whizzing across it! Lets hope the trees both protected by stockades and not so survive.

And here is a Spot the Cats picture for those who enjoy looking for pussies.

Both furries are in this picture, enjoying the warmth of the sun surrounded by snow!