The highs and lows of snow

We had our first proper snow of the season. Funnily enough the weekend when my snow loving Slovenian friends decided to visit. The first batch came down on Saturday and Sunday morning and was quite sufficient for fun and games.

This was the first real snow of the year and it proved enough to look pretty, sledge upon and tur into snow balls!
My post box reveals the depth of snow the first day brought.
The pomegranate plants heavily decorated with snow. A study in grey whites!
Who says radicals can’t do traditional stuff? Sunday the day after the first proper snow fall bizarrely brought me two sets of visitors on the same day, the first for two months!
Croatia and the UK will be fighting over whom I should represent at the next winter Olympics.
Our snow sporty Slovenian guest show us how it is done, sweeping down the snowy hill on a board like a pro. The snow wasn’t quite the right sort fro snow boarding he later informed us and so we felt much better about having thrown snowballs at him as he swooshed away.

The second wave of snow came down on Sunday night and brought with it a power cut in the middle of Sunday night that lasted until late Monday evening.

Seven oclock in the morning and it has snowed all night, our cars, left strategically by the entrance require digging out. No time to lose as I have a hospital appointment at 8.15am.
Its not a great photo, but it was taken through the windscreen with one hand as I negotiate an invisible road covered by 20-30cm of snow. It was only possible because we were travelling downhill but it was tricky.
The view of our bit of the road as I walked back up the hill having failed to get the car to drive up it! The only car tracks were the two sets we made on the way out going downhill in the morning.
When I got back from the hospital, having left the car at the bottom of the hill and walked back. I found the electricity was still out and that another even bigger branch had succumbed to the weight of the snow and crashed down thankfully only just grazing the house but freaking out the cats considerably. It took a couple of hours the next day to cut a path through the branches so I could walk around my house again without having to respass out into the snow.

I was snow tired after all the hassle caused by the weather that I went to bed at 7.30pm Monday evening ! It’s now Wednesday evening and though its a bit thawed there is still a lot of snow on the ground. And we had another long unexpected power cut today!

A path through the snow to my spring water tap for my elderly neighbour who collects a bottle or two most mornings before I awake.

and to end with, a snow clown, asking “now what?” having mastered the art of standing upright on a wooden board!