Not better late than never!

After two years of living in relative isolation surrounded by  Croatian fresh air rather than virus riven people I went over to the UK to check up on my old man. A week in the little town of Ilminster was quite nice even in the company of my siblings! I had an evening in London on the way back here at a wonderful vegan eatery. A few days after I returned to my solitary space I came down with a sore throat that became a headache and then Covid for sure. Two weeks since I am still weak and breathless and wasting a lot of time doing very little.  Here are a few images from the last fortnight. If they were to be accurate then they should be full of pictures taken from the perspective of my bed!

Having left the poor cats without proper attention for sometime I decided to treat them to their favourite environment…. an occupied bed overnight that they are allowed to sleep on. Here Sid stretches out his paws lying on his back and rubbing his whiskers on my chin.
Bara Brith with a big bite taken out of it. I finished this chunk off a week later having cut it into pieces and mixed it into ‘pudding’ aka custard, twas rather good.
Barbrith Pizza! left over Bara Brith mix was poured into a baking tin and ended up as a slightly over done large fruit biscuit. Went down nicely with a few cups of tea over the next several days.
A little panorama view of my late breakfast on the 24th.
The wooden house is surrounded by a deep blue winter sky. That white wall will need some proper fixing this year.
Sid bounds down the path between newly planted and protected trees. On the right in the stockade is the new willow tree. On the left in the little black rabbit protection is a tree which I have already forgotten the name of…. Doh! This picture show the full extent of the angle that the large pear tree stands at between the house and the old smoke hut. As you can see I do wonder how long it will stay standing.
When I could gather the energy I dug up a few sapplings that are growing up from roots of various trees, plum and apple. It’s a long shot that they will survive now they are severed from the parent trees roots but I have had some success previously. This is the first time I have transplanted them in the late Autumn rather than the spring. Sadly even this simple job left me feeling exhausted.
This is a little plum tree dug up from the trees right by the house where they are a touch too populous! If it survives here I’ll be well chuffed.
Yeah yeah it’s gratuitous cat porn I know but hey Beauty and the Beast portraits are always a winner and I think the beast looks quite cute too!
As I may have whinged once or twice before I no longer live surrounded by the latest fancy vegan products as I did back in my Marigold days. Nowadays I get excited when the local Lidl deigns to stock one of their new vegan lines. It’s super annoying that Lidl have loads of vegan products made under their own brand name Vemondo. I don’t know if its the Croatian’s being blockheads or just Lidl policy but there are rarely many lines available in Karlovac and so it’s a treat when something new comes in. These rather badly named ‘balls’ are seriously good and succulent. I ate them all with spaghetti sauce last night despite my continued lack of appetite.