Those of you who ignored the reviewers and went to see the latest Matrix film will have been rewarded by a good film that Sanja and I much enjoyed, especially as we saw it on an IMAX screen – Sanja’s first time as proved by her many ‘oohs’ and “ahs”! If you sat through all the credits at the end you will understand the above title! If not lets just say here and now that I do not intend to let this blog be taken over by pussy ‘cat’ porn! But Sid and Nancy’s recent arrival at Barabrith is big news in our quiet little life and so this blog is unashamedly Catrixy! Here goes, dog people look away now.

Sid and I pose for the camera in the kitchen of Sid’s old three room pad.
Sid is a ridiculously friendly and affable cat, he will get in to the most bizzare positions and purr away like mad as long as he is getting attention.

Then he and his brother came to Barabrith..

Here sits Sid, looking out of the mucky studio window in wonder at the world of grass, trees and so many other things he’s never seen before.
Nancy with one of her typical dopey looks sits in a blaze of light in the studio room. The bed in this room provided a space similiar to the one underwhich the they used to hide so it was their favourite new hideaway but now the bed has become a couch again they cower under the blankets instead.
I like this photo for the use of the reflections as much as for capturing Nancy’s dopey stare once more. Here he is looking out of the studio windows – after I gave them a good clean and so they reflect a little clearer.
Here is Nancy in his favourite spot ensconced deep under a warm duvet.
These curtains are ones I brought from my Dad’s when he was having a clear out. I tacked them up to fit the flat windows and Sid seems to appreciate them.

Then we blew open their furry little minds, by opening the door to the world outside…

The door was opened and SId – in the ginger fur coat – and Nancy – in a black coat with odd white patches – took a long cautious look. We had feared they might bolt out the door and make a dash for the road back to their old flat! Sid as usual was at the front and Nancy barely made it across the threshold this first time. Thankfully both ran back inside whenever something spooked them.
Sid makes it as far as the corner of the concrete whilst keeping a very wary eye on the source of all the barking from the neighbours opposite.
Nancy is abit of an enigma. Is he a dopey dunce who is always several steps behind his brother or is he just on the spectrum , the “slow” end of the spectrum! Or has he got cat life cracked and knows there’s no need to do anything even slightly stressful or difficult, why bother investigating new things, why bother saying hello or being friendly when you know you’re gonna get fed anyway? Those eyes could be of either nature.
For that last twenty years or more I have been using the same phone. Not exactly the same one but the same model. My Sony Ericsson C510s were great. The batteries lasted for days, I had 600+ phone contacts saved on them and loads of music that the little thing played remarkably loudly! It also had a great camera. But these two above are my last, the black one was my UK phone that has been out of use now since my UK provider realised I was no longer based in the UK. The Croatian one -silver- has been replaced by an Iphone 6 which is a refurbished cast off from my brothers teenage son! I am now seriously connected by Apple products but I will miss my little old phones. Sniff!