The first week of December

Pictures only cos I’m tired and want to have enough eye energy to finish my penultimate Rebus.

Spent a bit of time this last week working on Studio Sanja, starting with the flooring… seemed to make sense.
Amazingly I had almost exactly the right amount of laminate left over to do the closet floor too.
The oak that is just outside my land and the paths that criss cross my wilderness!
The first fire in the kitchen stove of the year, to keep the place warm enough for me to spend a couple of hours making…
….. the latest batch of nut butters. The blender only overheated once during the making of the whole lot!
Trouble with putting down laminate is that the doors all need adjusting afterwards. These doors are made of card, hardboard and a bit of wood. The wood is effectively the internal edge so when you shave off a centimetre the bottom edge loses its support. So I took a bit of time putting the wood back inside this one in the hope the door will stay together a bit longer and not bleed quite so much cardboard dust.
Sealing the doors bottom edge of the door with wood glue and some thin nails. Nice weather for December!
Today was another sunny day with the temperature at about zero, just right for a ride down to the post office and the local bakery. Needless to say there were no other cyclists out today that I saw.
Scythes and hosepipes don’t mix well when they meet out in the grass but they look kinda cute n colouful together on the sledge rack.
The ants have eaten their way back into the wooden house with numerous little and not so little holes in the filler, wood and paint I applied a month or two ago.
Another pic of my fave photogenic trees with the bird bath in between.
The short grass is as far as I made it across the lawn towards the washing line with the hand push lawn mower. Just gotta find a way of making it easier….!
I tried eating breakfast al freezing fresco, but gave up cos the sun went in as soon as I went out!