Last guests and tasks finally done.

After dropping Sanja back in Belgrade I had to come back to host my latest and perhaps last of the year paying guest. Pavel, a Ruskie who lives in Utrecht was a great guest.

The latst batch of burek made in honour of Pavels visit. These were really good on the second day, we ate them whilst still too hot on the first day! With lots of flavoured and stuffed polenta inside and some of the new vegan mince from the Kaufland supermarket.
Pavel, was an interesting paying guest. He worked from 9 to 5 each day online in the “office” we created in the small appartment. He sorted out and identified all ancient Russian books I have to sell on ebay and he asked if he could chop up some wood for me!!! With guests like him who needs friends?
Who would have thought that we would still be eating meals out in the gazebo in late October?

My new hobby is mowing the lawn, very very gradually!

I present the Mower…. The latest Barabrith sport and exercise regime encompasses upper body strength work outs and leg stretching. This old hand powered lawn mower works a treat and when confronting long grass – more than 10cm in height – it requires some serious effort.
I got this marvel of non petrol driven grass cutting from the flea market. It needs so much force to cut the grass on my uneven “lawns” that the handle bars broke fairly soon. A bit of DIY fixing with an old broom handle, screws, string and glue and its working again!
Go on take a guess at what this is….
My favourite toast enhancement is a German thing called Apple and Onion spread with yeast extract and peanut butter on top. This is my own fresh version of apple and onion spread. I also make my own peanut butter, yeast extract is however a bit more complicated and supplies from the UK are running dangerously low!
On my list of things to do for a long time has been repainting the outside of my ‘new’ windows. Finally done!
The wood pile is down about 30 percent from its original 6 cubic metres. I do a bit of wood chopping every now and then and stack it away where it probably wont be neede till next year when by it should be nice and dry!

But the big surprise of the week/month/year was the sudden but seriously belated arrival of HEP (Croatian Electricity Board) at my gates with a new electricity pole!

HEP the electricity supply folk finally turned up today. Perhaps mindful of being approx two years late and expecting withering sarcasm from me, they came in force, 7 guys, and erected a large wooden pole. Thye promise to come back next week and install the new fuse box after which my solar power generation will kick back in again. This story is too long and frustrating to detail here but lets just say its been a real PIA.
Drilling a nice big hole, I was hoping they might strike water but alas not.
The new pole is guaranteed for 10 years but may last 30! The one which is coming down is probbaly 50 years old according to the HEP guy who spoke English. A good old fashioned plumb line was used to judge its vertical accuracy.