Old Hi-fi, maps, tree care (watering) and another little snake!

Barabrith has been mapped by a friend who’s good at these kind of things! One of those thngs is not being so reliant one Google as I tend to be. OpenStreetMaps are I am assured better for walkers and cyclists and also I guess for not helping with internet dominance by a few major corporations!

So check it out.


One of our buildings appears as a bed rather than a building but thats where guests sleep so no biggie!

My wooden house appears as a small blue bed! but this I guess is an incentive for me to sign up and participate in this project! The red dotted line is the path that runs alongside my land and is in fact totally overgrown so that‘s another thing this map is incentivising me to do!!
Tending to Jen’s pomegranate tree this evening, * which means watering it! I got a bit of a shock when looking up new tree care and seeing how much watering is recommended during the summer months! Now I know why some of the trees we planted two years ago did not do so well!
* or finding a selfie excuse, you decide!
The setting sun catches the top of this fruit tree as I did the watering rounds this evening. There is some fruit on it but it‘s green not reddish and the photo I took came out all blurred – next time.
I was blissfully scooping up the scythed grass the other day when this fellow appeared in my wheelbarrow. I guess I chucked him in the unbeknownst! S/he is a slow worm but snake sounds better than calling it a “limbless lizard” which technically it is.
This was one of those rare moments when the sun was out at the same time as the rain pouring down. Boy does it look green!
The paths through the increasing tall and wild field are now quite distinct.
This picture is of my most treasured piece of hi-fi. Yeah I know its geeky but give me a moment. I bought that tape deck in 1981. It was all I could afford at the time and I had just enough to invest in a pair of headphones with a long cable and thats how I listened to my music for a long time. It was a satisfactory arrangement for my folks of course as they were not disturbed by the noise. It worked for me too as I could listen late in to the night with no one the wiser. I have memories of watching those super responsive green and red leds lighting up my bedroom, well almost! I have made friends with a guy in Zagreb who likes the challenge of trying to fix electrical equipment and he has so far fixed my amplifier, the above CD player and now my beloved JVC twin deck. This evening I was listening to a tape of the Clash I recorded back in December 1981. I have CDs bought 15 years later that are now uplayable due to old age, so much for that progress.
The amazing thing about this tape deck is that it has features that became impossible to get on anything other than very expensive tape decks. My favourite story about this deck is that when I went back in to buy an amplifier and speakers to go with this they were conducting a survey of how one found out about the shop – Richer Sounds. They were rather startled when I told them I had ducked in to the shop when I was avoiding the police during a Stop The City demo.
It‘s nice to be eating out again, even if it is on my own. Well me and the birds and butterflies and a few annoying flying bugs!




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  1. July 10th should be reunion day, but that’ll be in Belgrade, then we’ll skidaddle back here soonish to keep the trees and tomatoes well watered!

  2. Any date for when you might no longer be eating alone?
    Good luck with the trees. Just as well you’ve discovered how much water they need!

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